December 20th, 2014

Tune in Tokyo joins Team LA Japan for a 2015 New Year's Celebration and Kimono Party at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles on January 11th!

There will be a screening of "Seven Souls in the Skull Castle" from "Kill la Kill" and "Gurren Lagann" writer Kazuki Nakashima!

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DJs and promoters Tune in Tokyo founded the first monthly event in Los Angeles for Japanese and Asian pop in 2008, weaving together the vibe of Indie dance clubs with Harajuku & Shibuya fashion. An active force in the LA club and J-Pop scene, Tune in Tokyo hosts dance parties, fashion shows and concerts celebrating cutting-edge music and pop culture from Asia.

Tune in Tokyo's residencies have included Little Tokyo's 2nd Street Jazz and renowned maid cafe Royal/T, and performances at Anime Expo, KCON, Pacific Media Expo, The Getty Center, Japan: Endless Discovery, Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Opening Party, Miku Expo and appearances on "Tokyo Kawaii TV" and NHKs "J-Melo".

Photo: Joshua Dearing

DJ GREG HIGNIGHT | Event Director, Music Consultant and VJ
Greg Hignight co-founded Tune in Tokyo, the first monthly event in Los Angeles for Japanese and Asian pop in 2008, weaving together the vibe of Indie dance clubs with Harajuku and Shibuya-influenced fashion parties. Tune in Tokyo's residencies have included Little Tokyo's legendary live house 2nd Street Jazz and the renowned maid cafe Royal/T, in addition to appearances at KCON, Pacific Media Expo, Anime Expo, Japan: Endless Discovery, Kawaiiland, The Getty Center's Friday Flights, and other events.

DJ DEL | Event Producer and VJ
DJ Del was born in a dark room filled with bright lights and bass beats. A long time fixture in LA’s underground club scene, his c.v. includes residencies at seminal LA indie clubs Café Bleu and Club Trash. He was also chosen by Club Giant to be the opening DJ for The Killers at their very first New Years Eve party in downtown LA. DJ Del can be found rocking a pair of very flashy shoes, and a smoky eye on dance floors from Paris to Shanghai.

DJ TORA | Promoter, Music Consultant and VJ
"Music is my boyfriend. He makes me smile, laugh, and cry. He moves me on the inside and out. I try not to be a selfish girl and share him with the rest of the world which is why I DJ. Since the days of International Pop Conspiracy, I started sharing his diverse beauty I love so much with all of you. Music has been with me from the day I was born until the day I die. Some of my friends might call me obsessive. My heart tells me otherwise."

DJ ALLY | Promoter and VJ
DJ Ally graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with an Honors B.F.A. in Dramatic Writing for Film and Television. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2007, and while pursuing her own independent writing projects, Ally is focusing on acting as well, performing in Robert DeNiro's "The Good Shepherd" and more recently on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" DJ Ally has anime to thank for first introducing her to Japanese music and eventually the wider world of global pop. Allyson's personal website can be found at

DJ TOMMY PEDRINI | Promoter, Composer and VJ
DJ Tommy Pedrini is a video game soundtrack composer, co-founder of artist collective ULTRANIMBUS, and the founder of LA-based spacerock band Cats on Mars. He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, and has contributed to the soundtrack for the "WONDER MOMO" anime series.

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